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Clinical Information About Idiopathic or Heritable PAH (IPAH/HPAH)

Study Design in IPAH/HPAH1

Epoprostenol was studied in 2 prospective, open-label, randomized trials of 8 and 12 weeks' duration (pooled data results) in patients with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH) or heritable PAH (HPAH) NYHA Functional Class III or IV, except for 2 patients with Functional Class II. Treatment consisted of epoprostenol plus conventional therapy (n=52) or conventional therapy alone (n=54). Conventional therapy could include anticoagulants, oral vasodilators, supplemental oxygen, digoxin, and/or diuretics.

Dosage of epoprostenol was determined as described under dosage and administration and averaged 9.2 ng/kg/min at study's end.

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