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Diluting VELETRI® (epoprostenol) for Injection and Filling the Medication Cassette

Diluting Step OneAttach an 18-gauge needle to a 60-mL syringe and pull back the plunger to the 50-mL mark.


Diluting Step TwoInject air into the normal saline (NS) or sterile water (SW) bottle until you feel resistance.

Be careful to avoid touching the plunger shaft.


Diluting Step ThreePlace the needle tip below the fluid surface; the air you injected into the bottle will draw fluid into the syringe. You may need to inject air into the bottle 2 or 3 times to draw the desired amount* of NS or SW. Once you have the desired amount of fluid drawn, remove the needle.

* Desired amount is 50 mL minus the mL amount of VELETRI drawn earlier in Reconstitution step 11. For example, if 5 mL was used in step 11, then 45 mL should be drawn up for step 3 above.

Note: The same solution must be used for both reconstituting and diluting VELETRI. Do not combine sterile water with normal saline when preparing VELETRI.


Diluting Step FourNext, remove the cap from the end of the medication cassette and place it on your clean work surface. Make sure you do not drop the cap, because it could become contaminated. Be careful not to touch the end of the exposed tubing.


Diluting Step FiveAdd the NS or SW to the cassette by screwing the syringe onto the end of the tubing.

Note: Close the slide clamp on the reservoir tubing after filling it with solution; otherwise, the medication will flow out.

Remove the empty syringe by unscrewing it.


Diluting Step SixNext, remove the needle from the syringe containing VELETRI. Attach the syringe to the tubing on the medication cassette. Unclamp the tubing and inject the drug into the medication cassette. Recap the end and close the slide clamp of the cassette tubing.


Diluting Step SevenRepeat dilution steps 1 through 5 with a second vial of NS or SW, drawing up a total of 50 mL of fluid. The total volume in the medication cassette will then equal 100 mL.


Diluting Step EightTo remove excess air, tilt the cassette so that large air bubbles rise to the corner of the cassette where the tubing is attached.


Diluting Step NineUnclamp the tubing to remove air from the cassette. Pull back the plunger until ALL the air is removed from the cassette and tubing.


Diluting Step TenClamp the tubing and remove the syringe from the cassette tubing; then attach the new sterile cap that was provided in the package.


Diluting Step ElevenDiscard all used needles and any other sharp materials in a sharps container.

Each vial is for single use only. Discard any unused VELETRI solution.


Diluting Step TwelveConnect the cassette by fitting the hooks onto the pivot pins at the base of the pump. Push the cassette up against the pump. Place the joined pump and cassette in an upright position on a steady surface. Secure the cassette by using a coin to turn the lock knob 90° counterclockwise until you feel it stop.