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Dyspnea and Fatigue Data in Idiopathic or Heritable Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (IPAH/HPAH)

Significant Improvement in Dyspnea and Fatigue1

In 2 prospective, open-label, randomized trials of 8 and 12 weeks' duration (pooled data results) in patients with IPAH/HPAH NYHA Functional Class III or IV, except for 2 patients with Functional Class II, increases in exercise capacity were apparent as early as the first week of therapy, and were accompanied by statistically significant improvement in dyspnea and fatigue, as measured by the Chronic Heart Failure Questionnaire and the Dyspnea Fatigue Index. Patients received chronic continuous infusions of epoprostenol plus conventional therapy or conventional therapy alone. Conventional therapy could include anticoagulants, oral vasodilators, supplemental oxygen, digoxin, and/or diuretics.

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