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Prescribing VELETRI® (epoprostenol) for Injection

VELETRI must be prescribed by completing an enrollment form. It is not available through retail pharmacies; rather, it is carried by specialty pharmacies. Actelion has partnered with Accredo Health Group, Inc.* and CVS Caremark, L.L.C.*, who are specialty pharmacies that ship VELETRI, along with needed supplies, directly and conveniently to your patient's home or your office each month.

Once you've prescribed VELETRI and faxed a completed patient enrollment form to the appropriate specialty pharmacy, Accredo Health Group, Inc. or CVS Caremark, L.L.C. will verify your prescription and begin to ship VELETRI to your patient or office.

Accredo Health Group, Inc.
Phone: 1-866-344-4874
Fax: 1-866-254-2313

CVS Caremark, L.L.C.
Phone: 1-877-242-2738
Fax: 1-877-943-1000

*Disclaimer: Accredo Health Group, Inc. and CVS Caremark, L.L.C., are independent specialty pharmaceutical service providers that provide medications and related services in the home setting. Accredo and CVS Caremark have been contracted by Actelion Pharmaceuticals to distribute VELETRI.